Drake - So Far Gone EP (Album Review)

There are several terms that come to mind when I am cogitating of how to set forth this redeeming album. Do I dare say that this EP is one of the best of all time? I would be hard pressed to say that, especially because there are so many prime albums out there. I will go as far to say that this EP was up there on the “Greatest EP's” list. Friends of mine ask me why I have been on the Drizzy bandwagon ever since Comeback Season dropped, and this is the perfect reason why. What many people out there don’t realize is that Drake can sing and rap. Since he can do this, it makes him one of the most versatile artists in the game. On the extended play, and what makes it such a great EP as a whole is that Drake sings the hooks, and raps his lyrics with a placid voice. He possesses a unique style that is rare and there is only one other musician in the game right now who I think is as versatile or possibly more versatile then Drake.
If you haven’t picked up your Drizzy EP yet, then there is truly something wrong with you. Although it wasn't a full album and was music off of his mixtape, the EP was epic. I give this album an 4/5, hands down. There really is no other grade to give this album, from the production to the lyrical scheme, to the cover and story the album tells, its definitely worth an 4/5! If you don’t have the album, then you need to go to your local music store, iTunes, or Amazon, and pick this album up, you are seriously missing out. Support the artists who make great music, buy the album, and show your love the right way.


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